2019 Online Coding Party Season 1 (6.10.~6.23.)

So far, there has been no ‘online coding party’ like this
– “2019 Online Coding Party Season 1” (6.10.~6.23.) –

□ The Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communication (Minister Yoo Young-min, “Ministry of Education and Education”) and the Ministry of Education (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Yoo Grace) will runthe 2019 Online Coding Party Season 1from Monday, June 10 to Sunday, June 23to celebrate the 32nd Information Culture Month.

* How to participate (free of charge): Access to online coding parties at SW Central Social Portal (www.software.com)


“Online coding party”is a great response to anyone interested in software by organizing a program to experience the principle of making software easilyand fun, and to improve computingthinking.

Since the first event was held in 2015, it has been held for two seasons each year, and the number of participants has steadily increased,exceeding 1.1 million in 2018.

(Attendancestatus) 126,239 in 15 years → 16 years 382,548 → 17 years 700,945 → 1,101,396 in 18 years

The 2019 Online Coding Party Season 1introduced the “Computing Thinking Power” sectionfor the first time that allows computing thinking to develop computing thinking without coding, and increased the number of programs,making it more colorful and fun than last season.

* 5 (number of programs) (2018 Season 2) → 9 (2019 Season 1)

Choi Hyun-jin (Seoul ChangkyungCho) and Choi Hyun-soo (Seoul Baekuncho), who won the grand prize at the 2018 Online Software Education Content Ideas Competition,said, “Coding, tortoiseand chucking with two people!” This was a new addition.

* A competition for elementary, middle and high school teachers across the country to discover ideas for software education and convergence education in the field of education.

– ‘Two coding, turtle ship and chuck ship!’ In the background of the Battle of ImjinDwarf, two people work together to codethe turtle and the chuck line to defeat the enemy, and to acquire the basics of fun, cooperation, and coding at the eye level of elementary school students.

“Cloud Co., Ltd., the game “Crusader Quest”, completes the process of growing into a champion with block coding and textcoding, let’s become a coding warrior! ‘Let’s Python!’ It was prepared.

“EBS is the first step in block coding with Tuang,who learns block coding with the popular character Tuang of EBS Ding dong Ding Dong Dinh Kindergarten” and the main character of the anime “Spotted: Dinosaurs on the Korean Peninsula”, along with the “Dotbak and Coding” to learn block coding in a 3D environment! will be presented.

Techville Education co., Ltd. has prepared a “coding galaxy”that allows you to learn the sequential and disassembly concepts of computing thinking power through 3D mobile game-type block coding.

Finally, in the computing thinking areaintroduced for the first time, the Korea Beaver Challenge Committee has established the “Beaver Challenge for Computing ThinkingPower”, which consists of information science and computing thinking problems, and “Logie Brothers” has established a “Codemos Computing Thinking Test”that combines five computing thinking areas (data processing, reasoning, abstraction, etc.) to identify potential types.


□ In addition, participants of the 2019 Online Coding Party Season 1 will be hosting the “Rumor, Bragging, And Responding” eventat the SW Central Social Portal.

“Share online coding party invitations or mission success certificates online, or give prizes to participants who respond to surveys by lottery.


□ Second Vice Minister of Civil Affairs and Communication stipulated, “Software education is an education that develops the ability to find and solve problems around itself based on imagination and creativity, and we will continue to provide a variety of programs for students who are not familiar with the software to experience and learn about the software.”

190610 Tide (Press) 2019 Online Coding Party Season 1 Held (PDF)
190610 Tide (Press) 2019 Online Coding Party Season 1 Held (HWP)

Source: Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and

Held the 2019 Math Experience Exhibition to place the number in the world

– 6.15. (Saturday) to 16. Open at the National Science Museum on Sunday –

□ National ScienceMuseum (Deputy Director Lim Seung-chul) is a two-day “2019 Math Experience Exhibition” for all people to see, feel, and enjoy math at theNational Science Museumfor twodays from June15-16. will be held.

The Math Experience Exhibitionis a representative math festival that attracts more than 40,000 students and families from all over the country, and is a “mathexperience center” where students and families can experience and enjoy various programs such as math experience booths, math lectures, cultural performances, andevents.

□ This event Math Experience Booth (46piecesspecial exhibition halls, etc.)and incumbents Listen to ebs secondary instructors Math Lecture (2times, Seminar Room), brilliant performance Cultural performances (4times, Science Hall), participatory event(10times))and so on..

I’m sat Math experiencebooths nationwide In china The . High The . The math clubs of the universityare planned and operated by themselves. 40pieces(JuniorHigh School 10pieces, High School 28piecesUniversity, University 2pieces)6 related institutions and research institutes, math education organizations It is made of.

The math lecturesyllabus is conducted on thetheme of “ProperConceptual Mathematics”(13:00-13:50 daily) which is a must-know for junior high school math.

“Cultural Performance” The KingSeason3 Audition is a creative musical performance that shows the growth of idol trainees with spectacular performances.

□ The National Academy of Sciences hopes that “through the Math Experience Exhibition, it will be an opportunity to easily understand mathematics that moves the fourth industrial revolutionera, especially for growing youth who are able to grow into creative talents for thefourthindustrialrevolution.” He said the purpose of holding the event.

□ Details of the event can be found on the Website oftheNationalWww.science.go.kr.

190613 Tide (Press Release) National Science Museum 2019 Math Experience Exhibition held (PDF)
190613 Early Season (Press Release) National Science Museum 2019 Math Experience Exhibition (HWP)
Held the 2019 Math Experience Exhibition at the National Science Museum

Source: Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and