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A New Year for WISEflow and its Users
AYING FAREWELL TO 2018 A GOOD ENDING MAKES A GREAT BEGINNING It’s 2019, the start of an entire new year, and
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Digital Assessment: The Difference Between WISEflow and LMS/VLE
EMA. Onscreen marking. Digital assessments. E-submission, e-exams and e-marking. The list could easily go on. There is an abundance of words
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Digital Literacy Is Key in Modern Higher Education
Literacy has through most of history had a pretty forward definition: the ability to read and write. And while the term
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Procuring a Digital Assessment Platform Easily: The G-Cloud 10 Framework
UNIwise is approved and accredited by the G-Cloud 10 framework. This means that educational institutions in the UK can purchase WISEflow
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