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Introduction and Maintenance


The service team will closely support the operation until the assessment system is established.


After the use of the evaluation system is established, continuous monitoring finds problems and improves them through user training.

Continuous Education

Wiseflow actively responds to any problems you might encounter using it.
So Wiseflow promises a continuous education.
To address a wide range of issues, prepare the following webinar, workshop, and separate consulting sessions to proactively prevent and quickly resolve issues.


During the consulting session, you will talk to experienced consultants about best practices for using digital evaluations to implement the systems that you would like to implement.

Web Seminar

The webinar, which is conducted every two months under different themes, conveys in-depth know-how in using the assessment.


Conducts a workshop to help you learn how to use Wiseflow. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to become proficient in the task of writing, evaluating, and managing issues. There is a 2- to 3-hour workshop to learn the functions of a single module and a 7-hour workshop to learn the complex functions all at once.

Cooperative Conference

We hold customer-based collaboration conferences twice a year.
The theme of the conference is discussing the future development direction of Wiseflow.
This means that we always put our customers first.