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People who met WISEflow


Introducing new processes is a challenge, so it should be based on the understanding of many people involved.
Meet Wiseflow and see what’s changed.
They can change their minds.

IT infrastructure essential for schools and schools that are concerned about competitiveness due to rising labor costs


Computing infrastructure Vice President


The introduction of Wiseflow was a problem combining new evaluation systems with existing online platforms, which could lead to security and scalability issues.
However, wiseflow’s servers and networks are managed by Amazon Web Services in Ireland and monitored by Denmark’s own DevOps team, so you can handle all your needs smoothly.
You can also pay a lot of attention to security so that you can reliably operate your service from external threats.


School Mr.

CEO of Education

The teachers at the school have a lot of work to do.
We need to take care of our students, learn, and evaluate them.
Students and parents are also interested in the results of their assessments.
I always want to know how accomplished and what’s lacking.
So I want frequent evaluations, but that’s hard work.
But with wiseflow, it’s no longer difficult.
We can do the assessment whenever we want.
The school teachers, students, and parents are all happy.


University 총장님

President of Univ

Before using the digital evaluation system Wiseflow, both professors and students were stressed about the test.
It took a lot of work to get the test done a few days before the test, to print, to keep the prints for several days, to gather a lot of students in one space on the day of the test, so that i could take the test at a fixed time.
But now most of the labor is gone.
It took me a lot of time to take the exam after I was on the test.
I regret that I introduced this system that satisfies so many people.

Essential solutions for teachers/students who are concerned about the quality and achievement of their classes


Secondary School Teacher


I’ve always wondered what test questions teachers in other regions are doing. At Wiseflow, we share test questions with teachers who are right.
I have teachers in the same area, but I share problems with teachers in remote areas who don’t seem to meet.
I’m always grateful to the other teachers for raising a lot of quality new problems.


University Professor


I’m involved in a variety of projects.
That’s why i do a lot of work on external seminars and workshops.
At this time, it’s very stressful to set up an assessment question and schedule an assessment.
The schedule swells.
However, after introducing Wiseflow, the stress was reduced a lot.
I set the assessment paper at the time I wanted it to complete the assessment as much as possible.
In the next semester, we’d rather increase the project.
Thanks to Wiseflow.


College students


I think the best thing about Wiseflow is using a device that’s familiar to me.
I used to use online evaluation services, but at that time the computer was not the right device for me, so I didn’t have 100 skills.
But now I’m happy to be able to take the test better with my usual laptop.
Indeed, it is said that the incorrect note function will be added, but i think i will use wiseflow a lot as usual.
Learning with incorrect notes makes learning more efficient.